Project Description

Oswego County applied for and received a NYS Brownfield Opportunity Area Grant, which compliments existing efforts. The industrial centers along the canal are Iittered with underutilized or vacant sites that once housed thriving industrial, energy and transportation businesses. EPA Brownfield Grant funds were used to characterize the Canal Corridor, particularly in the City of Oswego and perform environmental assessments on the most critical Brownfield sites within the Corridor.

Primary issues and/or problems to be addressed by this project include: qualification of environmental liabilities and comprehensive planning, including Brownfield redevelopment and building a strategic community vision and a comprehensive revitalization plan.

The principle objectives of the Nomination Study of the proposed BOA include the following:

  • Completion of a comprehensive land use assessment and analysis;
  • Completion of an economic and market trends analysis;
  • Recommendations for future uses and actions to revitalize the City of Oswego; and
  • Identification and description of all Brownfield sites and the prioritization of sites based on key community and municipal objectives

Program Summary

The Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program, made possible by the Superfund/Brownfield law in October 2003, provides municipalities and community based organizations with assistance, up to 90 percent of the eligible project costs, to complete revitalization plans and implementation strategies for areas or communities affected by the presence of Brownfield sites, and site assessments for strategic Brownfield sites.

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